Men's Ministry

We meet every Saturday from 8:00 AM until 9:30 AM. There are some light refreshments, a solid discussion of a biblical topic, and great fellowship. It's open to all men, ages 16 and up. Feel free to invite others, whether they attend Fairview Community Church or not.

The FCC Men’s Ministry exists to carry out two functions to support FCC’s overarching goal of Preaching Salvation Through Jesus Christ.

The FCC Men’s Ministry serves as an opportunity for men to gather together to strengthen, encourage, and push each other towards a closer and more vibrant walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. It strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve our community through a variety of helping projects that are tangible expressions of the love of Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Harold Templeton at (847.651.1695).

We've all heard the phrase, "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend." David uses this philosophy as he seeks protection from the murderous intent of King Saul.  Was it a good philosophy for David to follow? Let's find out, please read I Samuel 27:1-12

  • David is like a yo-yo: First he trusts his own wits, then he trusts the Lord. And then the cycle repeats. Why do you think David keeps waffling?
  • David says that Saul would despair of looking for him withing the borders of Israel. That is, Saul will not despair if he leaves the land of promise. But Saul was never in despair in his desire to kill David in the first place or he wouldn’t have been chasing him.  Who was in despair? What is the antidote to despair? See Psalm 20, a psalm of David.


  • David leaves the land of promise because he’s succumbing to despair instead of trusting in the Lord. Who did David’s despair affect? See especially verse 3. When you’re in a difficult situation, what can you do to avoid dragging others down with you?
  • Living in a place of compromise results in David submitting as a servant (verse 5) to a pagan master (Achish) instead of the Lord and we have no psalms from this period of David’s life. As David and his men become roving bandits, killing and looting the enemies of God (the Gershurites, Girzites, and Amalekites). Was God pleased with his actions? In whose strength and authority was he acting?
  • We come back to the old question, “Is it ever OK to lie?”  Technically, David tells the truth to Achish, that he raided the southern area of Judah, but the implication is that he fought against his own people - and Achish bought it. Was it OK for David to not tell the “whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Why did he lie?
  • The Philistines get ready for War and Achish wants to take David with him. After all, hadn’t David been ravaging Israel for the last year and four months (or so Achish thought)? Was David in the position of a double agent who could turn on Achish in the middle of the battle and fight for Israel?  Or has his back-sliding ways suddenly turned against him?
  • Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation because of un-Christlike behavior? What did you do when you found yourself trapped? How would you advise others?